The Benefits of a Kitchen Toddler Towers

The Benefits of a Kitchen Toddler Towers

If you have little ones at home whose eyes don’t quite yet see atop the kitchen counter, then you’ve likely been met with constant requests to be picked up, begging to be in on the action in the same way that our own kids have. (We once even had our older toddler try to use his younger sister as a step stool! I guess he was truly desperate)

Alas, there’s something that can meet the needs of your tiny people trying desperately to discover their big world.


The benefits of learning towers…

Family Connection

-a learning tower involves your child in the kitchen and helps them to be a contributor to family meals and responsibilities

-creates bonding between parent and child and puts less stress on you (and your body!) to not have to hold them to constantly show them things 


Raising Explorative Eaters

-involvement in the kitchen using a learning tower also often helps children to be more explorative eaters because they feel an investment into the process of their meal through both observation and/or participation in it’s preparation


Provides Learning Opportunities

-using a learning tower helps your child to learn because it allows them to watch closely as your keen observer, soaking in all they see like a sponge



-the added barriers and stability provided by a learning tower help to prevent dangerous falls or accidents that can happen when children stand on a chair or stool


Promotes Independence

-children feel empowered when they’re able to be semi-independent, active participants in their daily activities such as doing the laundry, washing the dishes, chopping vegetables, or doing science experiments at the counter. Instead of just watching us, they’re also able to safely participate.


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