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Wood toys designed for your children and your home.

Our Play Features

Wood toys designed for your children and your home.

PlayTower - Wooden Learning Tower
PlayTower - Wooden Learning Tower - All Circles

PlayTower - Wooden Learning Tower


PlayBox - All Set
Best Wooden Toys - PlayBox All Set - All Circles

PlayBox - All Set


PlayBox - Mountain Top
Similar Wood Pikler - PlayBox - Mountain Top

PlayBox - Mountain Top


PlayBox - Little Climber
Slide For Baby Toddler - Wood Slide - PlayBox - Little Climber

PlayBox - Little Climber


PlayRamp - Wooden Slide
Kids Wood Slides - PlayRamp

PlayRamp - Wooden Slide


PlayBoard - Wobble Board
PlayBoard - Wobble Board - All Circles

PlayBoard - Wobble Board


PlayBeam - Balance Beam
PlayBeam - Balance Beam - All Circles

PlayBeam - Balance Beam

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WobbleBeam - All Circles



Our New PlayTower

Help your little ones get up to where the action is with the All Circles PlayTower.

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What People Are Saying

Melissa Pollard, RECE

Guelph, Canada

I really appreciate the fact that your work takes schemas into consideration! I love schemas! I would kill to have the PlayRamp in a classroom, but for older toddlers and preschoolers.

Carlo Daniel Raponi

Peterborough, Canada

One of our favorite parts of this unit is that the kids themselves can arrange the pieces themselves, as their imaginations take them to different places.

Kendra Schempp, RECE

Guelph, Canada

Absolutely love this product! Love that it gives my son the opportunity to climb and get some gross motor play in indoors because if not, he tends to choose to climb the kitchen table. It offers him the opportunity to independently assess risk and take safe risks himself. The excitement and joy he experiences when he climbs the ladder himself is pretty special and I am so thankful to have a product that allows him to experience this!!

Chance Faulkner

Keene, Canada

Our family loved the playbox. It was accessible and fun for our 1 year old, and our six year old. We love how interchangeable the parts are. Our children loved being able to move parts around and build their own!

Kate Monaghan

Ottawa, Canada

My son is 17 months old and loved this product. It was the first thing he jumped on in the morning. He didn't play with anything else. He was on this structure for hours. Awesome product!

James Potter

Kitchener, Canada

This immediately became my daughter's new favourite thing in the house. First thing she would do when she wakes up is run to the slide. The best toy is one they never get tired of and this is definitely one of those.

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Designed for your child and your home

At All Circles, we design for your child because we believe open ended play can encourage creativity and imagination essential for development.

We design for your home because play doesn’t just happen outdoors, and we want our products to compliment the environment.

Made in Canada

We proudly design and manufacture all of our products in Ontario, Canada.

Making an Impact

With each product sold a donation is made to help children through the Onzole River Project.

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