Impacting The World, One Toy At A Time

Here at All Circles we believe that all children, no matter where they’re from, deserve the same opportunities to learn, grow, and discover their inherent value, be that through play or through the exploration of their talents and passions.

That’s why we’re proud to partner with the efforts of organizations to eleviate poverty in children around the globe.

Current Project: Onzole River Project

We’re proud to partner with the efforts of the Onzole River Project, an organization with over 10 years of experience in promoting holistic, whole life development in children and youth in the remote communities along the Onzole River in Ecuador’s North-West jungle.

These predominantly Afro-Ecuadorian communities, only accessible by hours long canoe trips upriver, have faced generations of marginalization and neglect at the hands of indifferent authorities. Through investing in formal education development by building schools, supporting teachers and the creation of libraries and literacy programs, and by engaging informal areas of education as well, such as personal mentorship, cultural workshops and creating safe spaces to play and simply be, the Onzole River Project is working with the communities and their leaders towards a future where the dignity, empowerment, and self-worth of every child along the river is upheld and celebrated!

We are proud to put our name and our community behind these efforts by donating a percentage of every sale towards these, and so many other initiatives undertaken by the Onzole River Project and their friends in these communities. Our kids mean the world to us and we would do anything for them. It is an honor to support other families as they strive to do the same for theirs.

Giving and Growing

We support projects with each sale of our products! Through giving to thoughtful organizations we see our communities grow.

Telling Their Story

We have been moved by incredible stories of children around the world. We love telling these stories and helping you learn about the needs of children around the world.

People Over Profit

This is just a small part of a bigger story; of people around the world caring for people over profit. This extends to our workplaces, suppliers and customers.

We are on an journey to do good for others in need. Every bit helps. Here are a few projects we’re committed to.