PlayTower - Wooden Toddler Tower

PlayTower - Wooden Toddler Tower

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PlayTower - White

PlayTower - White

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Introducing Our Toddler Towers And Step Stools for Kids

PlayTower is a toddler tower for kids that are perfect for cooking with kids. With its three different settings, it adapts to fit any kitchen space and provides a safe and sturdy platform for kids to stand on while they help with cooking tasks. 

The PlayTower is also great for other activities like painting, drawing, or using it as a step stool to reach high places. Its adjustable height means that it can grow with your child, and its wide base ensures stability even when kids are moving around on it.

Whether you're looking for a way to help your child learn about cooking or just want a safe and sturdy stool for them to use in the kitchen, the PlayTower is a great solution

Why PlayTower Is A Great Solution To Cooking With Kids 

Cooking with kids can be a lot of fun, but what happens when your little one starts to get too excited and gets up to explore the kitchen? That's where PlayTower comes in! Playing with children is only safe when he or she is close by so that everything can be monitored. The top of our learning tower has room for them to stand and watch as you cook. They're able to claim a place in the kitchen, and it's more fun for both of you!

Why is PlayTower the perfect solution for kids who want to help in the kitchen?

PlayTower is the perfect solution for kids who want to help in the kitchen because: 

- It keeps them safe. With the PlayTower, they can't reach the stove or any sharp knives.

- It's fun! They can play with their food and make a mess without you having to worry about it.

- They can actually help with the cooking. With the PlayTower, they can stir, pour, and mix ingredients while you're busy with other things.

The Benefits of Using a PlayTower

A PlayTower is great for cooking with kids because it allows them to be involved in the kitchen while keeping them safe. It also keeps them entertained so they are less likely to get bored and wander off.

Here are some more benefits of using a PlayTower:

 - Kids can help with the cooking – If your child is old enough, they can help you with the cooking. This can be a great way to bond with your child and teach them about healthy eating.

- They can learn about safety – Using a PlayTower means that your child will be supervised while they are in the kitchen. This will help them to learn about kitchen safety and how to use appliances safely.

- They can have fun – Cooking with a PlayTower is a lot of fun for kids! They will love being able to help out in the kitchen and try new recipes.