We Chose The Hard Way

At All Circles, we value the process of designing and manufacturing our products all under one roof. The process of creating a new play feature or piece of kids furniture is a beautiful thing. Seeing an idea come to life, change and be tested, only to find it’s final form is in our DNA.

We invite kids and parents to join in our protyping team, to test our product designs and help us figure out where we can improve. This process is a determined look at creating the perfect product in the simplest way we can.

Join us on our adventure, as we design, prototype, build and play.

Designed For Your Children And Your Home

Inspired By Play Theory

Montessori play theory, play designers and countless beautiful play features from the past.

May we make something new and beautiful that has not been done before.

Simplicity In Design

Considering the goals of each play item and furniture, and providing the simplest way to achieve those goals, with aesthetics in mind.

Cultivating Creativity

Well designed play items to inspire creativity, imagination and free play in our children and yours.

Designed and Made In Canada

Timeless design, impeccable quality, and superior craftsmanship are hallmarks of the All Circles range of items, with each piece created to last for generations to come in a sustainable manner.

Our shop is located in the heart of Mennonite country, near Floradale, Ontario Canada.

Safety and Care

All of our finishing is done with child friendly and child safe materials. All Circles spray coats each piece in three steps, which includes a base coat, sanding and a finish coat, with proper drying time in between. We currently have three types of finishing; one for all of our climbers and furniture