Hello, We’re All Circles. We just wanted to introduce ourselves.


We’re a group of dads who love to play with our kids. We believe that well designed, simple and beautiful playthings can encourage creativity and imagination in the lives of our children. We believe less is more and so our commitment is to design with a quality that endures.


Everything has been designed for both your children and your home.


For your children because we believe open ended play can encourage creativity and imagination essential for development.


For your home because play doesn’t just happen outdoors, and we want our products to compliment both the activity and the environment.


“All circles presuppose, they will end where they begin, but only in their leaving can they come back round again.”

- Aaron Weiss


Play is cyclical. It’s not a one time event, but the ongoing work of a child as they interact with and make sense of the world. We want to create an understanding that running in circles is not to be discouraged, but is actually the objective. Play is not always linear and not always outwardly productive, and that’s okay! The aim is play for play's sake. It’s movement and action that comes full circle.