Wonder Walks

Wonder Walks

Do you ever go on a walk with your child(ren) only to have what could’ve been a relaxing stroll turn into a WWE match to get them back into the stroller? 

Now, don’t get us wrong, no one loves to wait up for a straggling toddler when you have a fussy baby in tow and you’re desperate to get back for nap time, but one way to be intentional with our little ones is to go for walks separate from those where we’re hustling around with the stroller to get from point A to B and rather for the specific purpose of exploration and wonder. We call them, Wonder Walks!

A Wonder Walk:

-has no specific length/end destination

-has no tightly constrained timeline

-is child-led with adult available/ensuring safety boundaries

-is focused on engaging your child’s senses (touching, smelling, listening)

-uses opportunities for new vocabulary and language (child-led)

-has the adult using opportunities to respond and interact without distracting from the child’s natural explorations

When we do these walks, both you and your children will be more relaxed, more engaged, and more focused on each other. Wonder Walks can give you the freedom to embrace the slow pace, using it intentionally for learning and relationship. 

Speedy errand walks with the stroller definitely serve their purpose but incorporating these Wonder Walks into your weekly routine can be so wonderful and life-giving for your family.