Made in Canada

Made in Canada: Understanding the All Circles Supply Chain and Manufacturing Process

Most of us as consumers expect that locally made products are more expensive than imported products, but we don't always understand what drives this extra cost. We wanted to take a moment to explain the costs associated with All Circles products and be transparent in our supply chain so you understand where the materials are coming from that make up your play structures! Costs are broken into three main categories of materials, labour, and finishing.

We source the highest quality Baltic Birch from a wood distributor in Drayton Ontario, that would be ordering it from either Finland or Russia where Baltic Birch is grown. Baltic Birch offers the beautiful light wood grain, and incomparable strength other plywoods cannot achieve. Our stainless steel fasteners and threaded inserts are all sourced from a large North American fastener distributor, and are very different than the wood screws you might find in other play structures or at your local hardware store. Although there is a cost implication to these fasteners, it allows these critical attachment points to last as we strive to produce heirloom toys that can be enjoyed and passed down through the generations.

We cut and process all our products at our wood shop in Floradale Ontario, and pay competitive wages that allow Canadian families to thrive.  With our current process products take from 30mins to 3 hours of handling and finishing.

When the individual pieces have been routed, countersunk, drilled and sanded, they are shipped to a our finisher where they receive the stunning cabinet-grade clear-coat that brings the wood grain to life, and protects the products from sticky little fingers and apple juice. This clear-coat is an important distinction from many products that are shipped unfinished making it challenging to clean, and susceptible to permanent grease and dirt stains. After all components have been clear-coated, they are lovingly flat packed at our wood shop and shipped to their new homes. 

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions regarding our manufacturing process or supply chain.