Wooden Climber For Toddlers

The Psychology of Play - Dr. Paula Cerveny's 'Assessment' of the PlayBox

"...the PlayBox isn’t just a toy, it’s an entire play environment!"

As a psychologist, rock climber, and mom, the PlayBox appeals to me on all levels! The opportunities for motor development are extensive. There are so many movement possibilities featured in this product which are essential for brain development – climbing, sliding, balancing, crawling, jumping, and coordination. As kids acquire and master these movements, new possibilities and goals develop, and they can explore and interact with the product in even more complex and dynamic ways.

Not only does the PlayBox promote the development of motor skills, it is also a really exciting product from a cognitive perspective. It can become a mountain top, a castle, a treehouse, a cave, a bridge over a raging river, or even a fun tea party location… for children themselves, or for their toys, providing an endless array of imaginative and make-believe play opportunities. In addition, the PlayBox invites children to engage their visual-spatial abilities, a critical element of intelligence, by encouraging building and problem-solving skills when setting up the elements and when packing them away. Because children can play alone or with others with this product, it fosters self-entertainment skills, as well as cooperative play skills – both of which are critical for kids’ development. And… the fact that it can be easily tidied up and put away when it’s not being used certainly gets the mom stamp of approval.

Great job All Circles - the PlayBox isn’t just a toy, it’s an entire play environment! 

- Dr. Paula Cerveny