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Say Hello To The Small Parts Collection

The Lake, the Cabin, and the Hills… We are so excited to introduce to you our Small Parts Collection. There are so many reasons why we designed and created our newest collection of play items. Here are a few of the main ones:

  • Essential to the play experience
  • Assist with fine motor development
  • Foster imagination and creativity
  • Look beautiful in the home


We believe that Small Parts play items are essential to the overall play experience. A main focus for our products have been on larger play items and gross motor development. We ultimately realized that although these are much needed and loved products, there needs to be emphasis on small parts too because of how critical they are to development.


Not only is the Small Parts Collection essential to the play experience, it also is effective for younger children and babies. The use of the Small Parts including the Cabin, the Hills, and the Lake, is a great way for young children to develop their fine motor skills (the use of one’s small muscles in order to control objects). This can include grasping and handling small items. The Small Parts Collection offers a unique and versatile opportunity for children to work on stacking, hand-eye coordination, sequencing, and problem-solving while implementing their own creative ideas into play.


While our play items can be used to help with fine motor development, they can also cultivate imagination and creativity. From a bridge to a tunnel, mountains for toy animals to stairs for dolls, the small parts play has endless ways to foster creativity in play. We want to see all of the fun way that your child is creative with their small parts item(s).

We have used beautiful, natural baltic birch to create the small parts play collection to ensure high quality materials that will stand the test of time while also looking beautiful in your home. We also used natural wood finish to ensure safety for all little hands (and mouths) during play.

Created to have endless learning opportunities for your little ones while looking aesthetically pleasing in your home. When they aren't being played with, the Small Parts make a beautiful addition to a desk or dresser in a nursery.


Key features:

  • Collection includes three different play items
  • Made with baltic birch hardwood
  • finished with water based, kid friendly finish
  • Ideal for ages 0 - 5 years 
  • Ethically made in Floradale, ON