Product Review by Peeka & Co: PlayBox and PlayTower

Product Review by Peeka & Co: PlayBox and PlayTower

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Who is All Circles?

All Circles is a Canadian design brand that creates furniture and play items for children to nurture a sense of creativity and imagination. Every product is made to blend in perfectly with the home’s overall interior, making both children and adults feel at ease in every room.

How Does the All Circles PlayBox & PlayTower Work? 

The All Circles’ PlayBox All Set is designed to give kids the ultimate control of their play experience. The set comes with the Box, Toy Chest, Ramp, and Ladder. The set is highly configurable, and kids can connect each item in countless ways. Little ones will love climbing, sliding, connecting, and hiding with this set. It stores away beautifully to save space and has a furniture grade finish for easy cleaning. 

learning tower kids

The All Circles’ PlayTower is a new standard in any child-welcomed kitchen. This beautiful wooden kitchen tower is perfect for kids and will help your little ones get up to where the action is. The product includes a removable rear safety bar, and an adjustable top platform to accommodate children ages 16 months to 9 years. This kitchen tower is designed for learning, play, cleaning, and cooking with your child. 

First Impression

I have wanted an indoor wood climber for my kids since my youngest was a baby – but I was never able to convince myself to invest in one. Climbers are a big-ticket item, both for space and cost. But as soon as we received our All Circles PlayBox All Set, I knew that my older two kiddos missed out as toddlers – although now they’re enjoying it as “big kids”! (Ages 4 and 6). 

wood climber kids

While the wooden Montessori climber looks fun, it’s also beautiful! Each item is made from FSC certified birch wood and stainless steel fasteners. It’s super easy to configure for my older two kiddos – and they loved making different obstacle courses for themselves to work through. My youngest immediately felt comfortable with the gradual incline of the ladder between the Box and Toy Chest. All three of my kids were engaged and playing together NICELY – which is a big win in our house.

We also have the PlayTower in our kitchen (it’s basically a toddler step stool). It tucks nicely under our island, so it’s easy to store away when it’s not in use. But like the PlayBox, it also has a furniture grade finish, so it looks beautiful when left out against the counter. My oldest is just starting to explore cooking his own breakfast (he loves scrambling eggs) – and using the PlayTower gives him that extra boost he needs (and I don’t have to worry about him falling backward, thanks to the rear safety bar). My youngest loves using the PlayTower when we’re baking together – but I also use it as a way for her to reach activities in the kitchen (read: keep her distracted) while I’m making dinner. 

learning tower peeka

Each item by All Circles is beautifully handcrafted, while their designs are unique – especially the PlayBox, it doesn’t resemble other “climbers'' on the market, and we found that we could configure it in a lot more ways because of that.  

What makes this brand/product special?

This brand believes that well designed, simple, and beautiful playthings can encourage creativity and imagination in the lives of our children. They believe less is more and so their commitment is to design with a quality that endures.

Everything All Circles designs is for both your children and home. 

For children, they believe open-ended play can encourage creativity – and imagination is essential for development. 

montessori climber

For home, it’s because play doesn’t just happen outdoors – they want their products to compliment both the activity and the environment.

Everything is sustainably made by-hand in their Ontario-based woodshop. 

This brand has even earned Kylie Jenner’s stamp of approval. 

  • Made in North America
  • Ethical Production: All packaging is made from recycled cardboard and flat packed to save space during shipping. 
  • Clean Ingredients: All Circles’ sources FSC certified woods and sources local materials as much as possible. They use love VOC, lead-safe and BPA free finishes. All woods are CARB compliant.  

My kids (and I) L-O-V-E All Circles. Oh my goodness! For starters, PlayBox All Set is so much fun. My kids can independently move the wooden slide, ramp, and boxes around as I sit back and watch with a hot coffee. One of my favorite configurations is when we incorporated our Nugget to create a massive fort. The Toy Chest was the entry tunnel to the fort while the Box was used as a mailbox – I’d slip little drawings into the kids’ “house”. 

climbing kids wood toy

The wooden slide is wide and all three of my kids love it. While the ladder (wooden ramp) is sturdy, making each of them feeling confident and safe. My oldest is 6 years old and over 60 pounds and he finds the All Set a BLAST, while my little two year old daughter loves it just the same. I would recommend this set to any friend or family member. And honestly, find the price point to be reasonable considering everything you get, the quality of the product, and how easy it is to store away (I will pay anything for an easy-to-clean up product).

The PlayTower is another product we use daily in our home. Whether my two year old daughter is using it to play with kinetic sand at the kitchen counter while I cook dinner closeby, or my four year old is helping me mix muffins, or my six year old is attempting to scramble his own eggs – each of my children in each of their stages of development love the extra “boost” they get from the PlayTower. Like many of the products I’ve discovered since having my youngest baby, I only wish we had all of these items sooner – but there is still plenty of time to play!


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