Wooden Wobble Board

Meet the Newest Product to All Circles: The PlayArch | Rocker Balance Board

We are so excited to introduce to you our newest All Circles product, the PlayArch! We've designed this rocker balance board for you and your children. 

Our beautiful new PlayArch is a hybrid between a large rocker and climber, giving it a unique versatility for your child’s play and gross motor skill (large muscle movement skill) development. We have used our neutral design crafted with high quality, sturdy baltic birch to create this piece of play equipment that will not only stand the test of time, but will encourage creative opportunities for play for children of any age. The natural wood creates a natural non-slip surface for your little ones to play confidently on and has long slats for easy grasping. 

We kept the natural wood finish on our PlayArch so that your child could create their own unique visions and purposes for play while using it while also blending seamlessly into any home aesthetic.

Safe enough for little hands and sturdy enough for big ones. As soon as your baby can crawl, they can use our PlayArch. With a gentle angle and low height, our PlayArch encourages babies to rock, crawl, climb, balance, and stand making it the perfect, safe starting point for little bodies with developing muscles and coordination. The PlayArch also grows with your child as their abilities and interests change. From obstacle course to car tunnel, between gross motor play and pretend play, there are endless ways to explore…

-Stand it upright and it is a bridge… or mountain… or ladder

-Flip it over and it becomes a teeter totter…or a boat… or a surf board…

-Flip it on its side and it becomes a storefront… or an animal pen…or a window sill to a house… truly whatever your child can dream up!


These are just a few of the ideas that our kids have been excited about but the opportunities for play truly feel limitless with our intentionally designed, open-ended play equipment as it lends itself beautifully to multiple learning opportunities in both brain and body.