stepping stools for kids

Why Step Stools Are Great For Kids

Not only are All Circles furniture products useful around the house, they are so beneficial to your child’s development and ignition of their interests.

Kids steps stools have so many benefits so we thought we’d would walk you through a few reasons why we made our stools:

  1. Encourages independence, exploration, and confidence. Children have an innate sense of curiosity and urge to explore. The step stool encourages that exploration because it allows children to see new areas that may not be accessible from the ground and better yet, they are able to do it by themselves! The sense of accomplishment that children feel when they explore their surroundings independently is an amazing time to foster confidence. From the little ones getting the chance to brush their teeth on their own, to grabbing one of their toys that is just out of reach, the step stools help children thrive independently.
  2. Encourages problem solving and critical thinking skills. When children help with various tasks and get involved, they are forced to make decisions by themselves which encourages problem solving and critical thinking. From deciding where to put the book away on the high shelf, to deciding the best way to mash the avocado, the stools help children to develop these essential thinking skills.
  3. Assists in facilitating physical development. The stools present a great opportunity for your child(ren) to develop their physical development. Going up and down the stools are a great way to strengthen larger muscles, hand eye coordination, and balance.


    Visit The One Step or Two Step to view the various sizes and colour options that we offer. Different sizes to match the developmental/physical need of your child and colour options to match your home.