Maintaining Wood Toys

How Do You Remove Crayon and Marker From Wood Toys?

We recently had an inquiry from a mom who asked us a question; how do you remove crayon and marker from wood toys? A creative little boy took the liberty to test his art skills on his new All Circles PlayBox! Here's what we've come up with to help you turn your wood toys back to new. We've also explored other mediums such as pens, markers and pencils.

All of our toys have a beautiful UV coated finish, which helps with cleaning and any other types of wear. 

Level 1: Warm water and cloth. Minimal scrubbing

Level 2: Soap or everyday cleaner, warm water and scrubbing

Level 3. Chemical cleaner (VIM or other), hot water and scrubbing

Level 4 - 400 grit sandpaper - sanding will permanently damage/remove existing clear coat finish 



Our first test was with a pencil

remove from wood toys pen pencil marker crayon

Level 3. Pencil required an aggressive cleaner like Vim. Water, or mild cleaning detergent was not sufficient.



Popular tools around the craft table (sometimes they travel to other places)

Level 3. Use VIM or another more aggressive cleaner. 


Bold and Beautiful! 

remove marker from wood toys kids

Level 1. Warm water and a cloth easily took away the marker. 


Washable Marker

They make these for a reason... we were just curious.

how to remove washable marker from wood toys

Level 1. Warm water and a cloth easily took away the washable marker. 


You left them out, the kids used them

how to remove pen from wood toys

 Level 3. Use a cleaner like Vim.


Pencil Crayon

A classic for all things arts and crafts.

how to remove pencil crayon wood toys 

 Level 3. Use a cleaner like VIM. 


Permanent Marker

We all love Sharpies.... until... "love you too honey"

 how to remove permanent marker from wood toys

 Level 4. You'll need sandpaper to make this happen but this will unfortunately damage the existing clear coat. An option could be sanding the entire surface and re-coating with a clear satin finish Varathane from your local hardware store. 

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to look into this Jimmy.

-All Circles