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Have You Played This Way? - PlayBox All Set Edition

Welcome to our newest blog series, “Have You Played This Way?”, where we will be taking you through some of our favourite ways to explore and expand your child’s play with your AllCircles favourites. 

First up, our PlayBox All Set! You're All Set with this configuration comprised of the Box, Toy Chest, Ramp and Ladder. Each component of the set adds more possibilities for discovery and play. Physical (gross motor) play definitely isn’t the only way to utilize the Play Box, and if you’re thinking “but how else could we use it?” then read ahead! 

So… have you played this way?

  • Obstacle Course (everyone’s favourite) 
  • Turn the boxes on their side to make a puppet theatre
  • Upcycle your paper towel rolls and slide them on the ladder to make your own music. 
  • Drive cars up and down the ramp in a pretend car wash/car mechanic shop
  • Cozy up with some pillows, a blanket, and stuffies and make the box a book nook to enjoy some stories
  • Tape some blocks down the ramp with painters tape to make your own ‘Plinko’ game
  • Experiment with science and motion by testing different objects to slide down the ramp - make predictions and record your results
  • Make the box into an animal habitat and climb up and down the ladder and ramp acting like that animal
  • Make the box into a store and pretend to checkout with your items by sliding them up and down the ramp like a conveyor belt
  • The floor is lava!

Are there any ways that you and your child(ren) have utilized the PlayBox or PlayBox All Set that we haven’t mentioned here? Head to instagram and comment your favourite ‘ways to play’ on our PlayBox post! Or tag us on Instagram (@allcircles) if you use any of these ideas!