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Product Review by Peeka + Co

The All Circles’ PlayBox All Set is designed to give kids the ultimate control of their play experience. The set comes with the Box, Toy Chest, Ramp, and Ladder. The set is highly configurable, and kids can connect each item in countless ways. Little ones will love climbing, sliding, connecting, and hiding with this set. It stores away beautifully to save space and has a furniture grade finish for easy cleaning. 

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We've designed a series of Step Stools to get your kids up to where the action is.

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Amazing Learning Tower!

Absolutely love our PlayTower! Beautifully constructed and natural finish, easy to wipe down and our toddler is obsessed :)

- Sarah S.

Such A Fun and Innovative

I love that you can change the layout and challenge level to suit your child, and it encouraged my child to use his body and his imagination to play. The aesthetics of this wood climber are pleasing within our home and it brings lots of entertainment for my little one.

- Melissa P.

Great Wooden Playset!

Our son had lots of fun with the Play Box. He found many different uses for it, and it stores very easily - a bonus for parents in an apartment or small home.

- Jason M.

Very Fun Montessori Climber

Love that it gives my son the opportunity to climb and get some gross motor play in indoors. It offers him the opportunity to independently assess risk and take safe risks himself. I am so thankful to have a product that allows him to experience this!!

- Kendra H.

Best Gift I Ever Gave My Kids (and Myself)

I honestly would not have survived having pandemic babies without the Playbox wood climber. My toddler will play with it for hours, and after having it for a full year, he still loves and plays on it every day! It's the first thing he runs to in the playroom.

- Elisabeth Wallis

Great For Development

When it's not being used as a physiotherapy tool, it doubles as a tea table, a seat and so much more! It's light enough that my kids can move it around themselves but stable so I'm not worried about it tipping over.

- Kendra M.

We LOVE This Tower!

Our kids are in love with this kitchen stool. Our very mobile, agile two year old loves the freedom he has to go up and down by himself. It allows him to feel involved and engaged with the family. We also love it' slim appealing look!

- Chloe MacDonald

Beautiful Montessori Kids Furniture

This was a first birthday gift for a child living in a small apartment with a central kitchen island. the play tower fit perfectly and he loves it!

- Susan N.

Well Made

Really well made wood slide and easy to assemble. Very sturdy and a bundle of laughs for my little one.

- Jen Lisso

This PlayTower Is A Dream!

We received this as a gift for our little one who has been in love since the first time she got up in it. The learning tower was a breeze to put together, and so got used right away after opening! I highly recommend this product

- Chantel Watts


Purchased as a gift for my nephew. He loves it, to the point that he’d prefer to eat all his meals standing up at the counter! His parents like it as well - he feels part of the action but is safely contained.

- Natasha Sabatino