PlayRamp - Collapsable Toddler Slide

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PlayRamp - Collapsable Toddler Slide PlayRamp - Collapsable Toddler Slide PlayRamp - Collapsable Toddler Slide PlayRamp - Collapsable Toddler Slide PlayRamp - Collapsable Toddler Slide PlayRamp - Collapsable Toddler Slide play ramp montessori slide waldorf slide wooden waldorf slide indoor ramp for kids wooden slide for kids

PlayRamp - Collapsable Toddler Slide

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The PlayRamp is the perfect solution for parents and kids seeking a safe, affordable, durable, easy-to-install, and collapsible addition to their child's play space.

Perfect for 18 months to 9 years, have fun seeing the numerous ways your children interact with the PlayRamp as they master different competencies! While in use the play impact is maximized, and when stored away the footprint is minimal. 

With a 24in (61cm) seated height, and a 43in (109cm) long X 16in (40cm) wide play surface, it offers an exciting and challenging incline for children to navigate.

A few friendly notes about the design of our PlayRamp:

  • Exciting incline for sliding, climbing, and fort making
  • Stores away beautifully to save space
  • Easy cleaning with furniture-grade finishing
  • FSC Certified Birch Wood and Stainless Steel fasteners
  • Made for ages 18 months - 10 years
  • Designed for indoor use and to ASTM Safety Standards

Assembly instructions, tools and fasteners come with each product. Your children will love helping to build each structure.

At All Circles we believe in creating opportunities for children to engage in the natural world. Each structure is designed with Baltic Birch - a high grade plywood - that brings the natural world indoors.

Our fasteners are industrial quality stainless steel and all our wood finishings are kid friendly!

Great design is at the heart of our company. Our priority in play design is the safety of our children and your children.  We use the ASTM Home Playground Safety Standard and the ASTM Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toys as a benchmark and compliance standard to ensure our products are meeting the highest safety standard.

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Products are delivered in one simple box, with all the parts and tools for assembly.

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